As a vehicle trading company, we concentrate on the purchase and sale of second-hand and accident commercial vehicles of all makes, all models and all sizes. Our program also includes trailer and semi-trailers, and also building machinery and agricultural vehicles to a certain extent. With over thirty years of experience in the branch, we have been running our business since 1990. Our customers come from all over Germany, almost all countries in Europe as well as from the former eastern block countries, from Africa and Arabian countries.
As we do not run our own workshop, we do not touch up our vehicles, but leave them in their original state, with the exception of some small repairs required. Thus, in a continuously changing programme, many dealers from Germany and abroad find vehicles at interesting prices. A comparison of prices is also worthwhile for “ultimate consumers”. For international clients, we offer to prepare the export formalities as well as to ensure international registration (“customs licence plate”). Of course, we are also well prepared to buy your vehicle. We ensure you of speedy and correct handling, against cash, if and when requested, as well as immediate suspension of the vehicles. We are looking forward to meeting you.